Everything you need to know about our world famous Vancouver BC Nudist Paradise

Wreck Beachers, this is YOUR website and we await YOUR contributions, so get on it!



An opportunity for the amazing Wreck Beach Community to express their Creativity, Playfulness, Entertainment and Love with everyone.

Wreck Beacher's, photos needed for our gallery, please email them to us...  

We can build a beautiful gallery quickly with your help!  Sort through your personal photos from Wreck Beach, being conscious not to share those that reveal things that you do not want shared...we will fuzz out the bits we need to.  Also, please make sure to consider others if you are sharing photos of them and include the date of photo or month/year if possible, photographer credit and a note about the photo for interest sake as well...we will collect, organize and use as appropriate.  Consider submitting photos for any of the areas below.  Thank-you for taking the time to share with the rest of the Wreck Beach Community.  Make sure to pre-crop if needed (we will also hold artistic license to do so if needed) and send in .gif or .jpeg form for easy transfer to the website.  At some point later, we will offer self-managed photo gallery pages.


Gallery Page Index...what's to come...

  • Online WBC Fundraising Auction...Donate Art for free advertising
  • Wreck Beach Yearbook ~ add a yearly headshot to our memory book
  • Share your photos for any one of the following sections
  • Artists Gallery Section
  • Musicians Gallery Section
  • Healers Gallery Section
  • Comedians Gallery Section
  • Community Gallery Section
  • Beach Vendors Gallery Section
  • General Events Gallery Section
  • Fundraiser Events Gallery Section


Think of this as your website...so if we missed anything you think we should add, let us know!

This co-creative endeavor is a massive project, so we welcome all your ideas, photos, videos, musical expressions, artistic endeavors, healing arts, love letters, stories, newsletter contributions and anything fun that is Wreck Beach related worth sharing. As the collection of your contributions comes together, we will sift, sort and blend it into an ever-evolving expression of inspiration for everyone.  Within each page on the links above, you will see an index filled with ideas of how it may be developed.  Some of these hold  lofty goals and include long term plans, as our attitude is, "Hold the Vision Clear and See Who and What Shows Up."  So as we gain momentum to facilitate the process with your generous donations, physically, financially, spiritually and creatively, this loving community project will come together.  If you feel motivated to participate by co-creating any of the areas noted on the site, by all means let us know, as there is lot's to do and we are happy to give credit as long aswe have final edit! 

We so look forward to your support in whatever way that looks, as YOU are one of the many special pieces that makes Wreck Beach Community what it is.  So don't be shy, start brainstorming and send in your ideas as soon as possible.  We welcome your contributions.  With much Love...Hollywood.